Portara (Temple of Apollon) in Naxos Town
Temple of Demetra in Sagri area
Kouros in Melanes
Portara (Temple of Apollon) in Naxos Town

Monuments on Naxos Island

Naxos Town (Hora)
The landmark of Naxos Island. A huge portal of Temple of Apollo, built on the orders of tyrant Lygdamis in the 6th century BC, but never completed. Portara exactly faces the sacred island of Delos.
Temple of Demetra
The temple dates back to the time of the tyrant of Naxos, Lygdamis (circa. 530 BC) and it was part of his ambitious building programme, comparable to that of the Athenian Peisistratos.
Melanes (Flerio area)
One of Naxos's two main marble quarrying areas in antiquity is located in the greater Flerio area. Kouros statue is unfinished and is lying on the ground. Kouros is dated back to the 7th century BC.
Near Agios Arsenios
A sacred place of the Aegean which dates back, to prehistoric times -1300 BC.