Agia Tower
The Venetian Castle

Towers & Castles

There are plenty of castles and towers on Naxos Island and most of them are still standing. The Venetian Castle in Naxos Town, is one of the very few in Greece where people still in it.

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Venetian Castle
Border tower protecting the Castle of Sanoudos in Hora. The wall surrounding the fortress is pentagonal and has three gates. Glezos Tower (Crispi) stands near the northwestern gate and extends in part along the western and northern side of the Castle. It has four floors and it is the only castle in Naxos Island with a round tower attached to it.
Barotsi – Frangopoulou
Gratsia Tower
17th century 3 floors tower.
Frangopoulou – Delaroka Tower
Kourounohori (close to Melanes)
The place where Krispos murdered Duke Karkeri.
Palaiologos Tower
Sagri Valley
17th century tower with a chapel next to it.
Belonia Tower
16th century tower
Agia Tower
On the Galini to Apollon road
17th century tower in a strategic point
Kalamitsia Palace
The holidays palace of Jesuits in a fertile valley.
Himarrou Fortress
In Filoti area Between Mt. Zas and the sea.
One of the most important monuments of Naxos. It is has a circular plan, 9.20m diameter and 15 metres height.