Naxos Island

Naxos is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece and offers a mix of easily accessible superior sand beaches, a landscape of lush valleys, picturesque villages, towers and an attractive port town.

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Naxos Island in Greece is a popular destination for all kind of interests. It is a holiday resort for families, young and olds, people who really enjoy the sea and the sun, people with special interests such as civilization and history, people who enjoy activities such as cycling, mountain bikes, walking tours 4x4 drive beach sports, water ski, yachting and the island has the reputation to be wind surfers paradise.

Apart from a beautiful, lush green island, Naxos is also a place with a rich tradition. If you like sightseeing, then you will adore Naxos, which has a lot of sights to offer to its visitors. There are sights dating from the ancient to the Venetian times that will give a sense of culture to your holidays.

Naxos Beaches

Naxos Island is reputed for the beautiful sandy beaches. There are over 40 Kilometres of beaches to choose from.

Naxos attractions

Naxos Island has long history, Venetian occupation, Byzantine period, Hellenistic period, Archaic period up to Neolithic period.

Naxos Villages

Naxos Island has many villages to visit and most of them have their own distinct character and style. Tour of the island is highly recommended.

Travel to Naxos

It is fast and easy to get to Naxos Island. There are more than adequate ferry & speed boat schedules and flights to Naxos.